March 18 All Events

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March 18th, 2037 (March 18 2037)EventThe Roman Senate annuls Tiberius will and proclaims Caligula emperor.
March 18th, 2008 (March 18 2008)DeathAnthony Minghella, Film Director (born in 1954)
March 18th, 2008 (March 18 2008)DeathAndrew Britton, Author (born in 1981)
March 18th, 2007 (March 18 2007)DeathBob Woolmer, South African cricketer and Pakistan national coach (born in 1948)
March 18th, 2006 (March 18 2006)DeathBill Beutel, American journalist (born in 1930)
March 18th, 2006 (March 18 2006)DeathMichael Attwell, British actor (born in 1943)
March 18th, 2006 (March 18 2006)DeathDan Gibson, musician (born in 1922)
March 18th, 2005 (March 18 2005)EventTerri Schiavo s feeding tube is removed at the request of her husband.
March 18th, 2004 (March 18 2004)DeathHarrison McCain, Canadian businessman (born in 1927)
March 18th, 2003 (March 18 2003)EventThe Iraq War begins.
March 18th, 2003 (March 18 2003)EventFBI agents raid the corporate headquarters of HealthSouth Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama on suspicion of massive corporate fraud led by the company s top executives.
March 18th, 2003 (March 18 2003)EventBritish Sign Language is recognised as an official British language.
March 18th, 2003 (March 18 2003)DeathKarl Kling, German race car driver (born in 1910)
March 18th, 2003 (March 18 2003)DeathAdam Osborne, British computer pioneer (born in 1939)
March 18th, 2002 (March 18 2002)DeathR.A. Lafferty, American science fiction writer (born in 1914)
March 18th, 2002 (March 18 2002)DeathGosta Winbergh, Swedish tenor (born in 1943)
March 18th, 2001 (March 18 2001)DeathJohn Phillips, American musician (The Mamas and the Papas) (born in 1935)
March 18th, 2000 (March 18 2000)DeathEberhard Bethge, German theologian (born in 1909)
March 18th, 1999 (March 18 1999)DeathElizabeth Huckaby, American educator (born in 1905)
March 18th, 1997 (March 18 1997)EventThe tail of a Russian Antonov An-24 charter plane breaks off while en-route to Turkey causing the plane to crash and killing all 50 on board and leading to the grounding of all An-24s.
March 18th, 1996 (March 18 1996)EventA nightclub fire in Quezon City, Philippines kills 162.
March 18th, 1996 (March 18 1996)BirthMadeline Carroll, American actress
March 18th, 1996 (March 18 1996)DeathOdysseas Elytis, Greek poet, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1911)
March 18th, 1995 (March 18 1995)DeathRobin Jacques, illustrator of children s books (born in 1920)
March 18th, 1990 (March 18 1990)EventIn the largest art theft in US history, 12 paintings, collectively worth around $300 million, are stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.
March 18th, 1990 (March 18 1990)DeathRobin Harris, American actor and comedian (born in 1953)
March 18th, 1989 (March 18 1989)EventIn Egypt, a 4,400-year-old mummy is found in the Pyramid of Cheops.
March 18th, 1988 (March 18 1988)DeathBilly Butterfield, American jazz trumpeter (born in 1917)
March 18th, 1987 (March 18 1987)BirthMauro Zarate, Argentinian Footballer
March 18th, 1987 (March 18 1987)BirthGabriel Mercado, Argentinian Footballer
March 18th, 1987 (March 18 1987)BirthCesare Rickler, Italian footballer
March 18th, 1986 (March 18 1986)BirthBia Figueiredo, Brazilian racing driver
March 18th, 1986 (March 18 1986)BirthAbdennour Cherif El Ouazzani, Algerian footballer
March 18th, 1986 (March 18 1986)BirthKaloyan Ivanov, Bulgarian basketball player
March 18th, 1986 (March 18 1986)DeathBernard Malamud, American writer (born in 1914)
March 18th, 1985 (March 18 1985)BirthVince Lia, Australian Footballer
March 18th, 1985 (March 18 1985)BirthGennaro Esposito, Italian footballer
March 18th, 1984 (March 18 1984)BirthVonzell Solomon, American Idol Contestant Solomon Quotes
March 18th, 1984 (March 18 1984)DeathCharlie Lau, American baseball player (born in 1933)
March 18th, 1983 (March 18 1983)BirthAndy Sonnanstine, American baseball player
March 18th, 1983 (March 18 1983)BirthTomasz Stolpa, Polish footballer
March 18th, 1983 (March 18 1983)DeathKing Umberto II of Italy, (born in 1904)
March 18th, 1983 (March 18 1983)DeathKenneth E. Boulding, English economist (born in 1910)
March 18th, 1982 (March 18 1982)BirthChad Cordero, American baseball player
March 18th, 1982 (March 18 1982)BirthTimo Glock German Formula 1 driver
March 18th, 1982 (March 18 1982)BirthPedro Mantorras, Angolan footballer
March 18th, 1981 (March 18 1981)BirthJang Nara, Korean singer and actress
March 18th, 1981 (March 18 1981)BirthTora Berger, Norwegian biathlete
March 18th, 1981 (March 18 1981)BirthKasib Powell, American basketball player
March 18th, 1980 (March 18 1980)EventAt Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia, 50 people are killed by an explosion of a Vostok-2M rocket on its launch pad during a fueling operation.
March 18th, 1980 (March 18 1980)BirthAlexei Yagudin, Russian figure skater
March 18th, 1980 (March 18 1980)BirthSophia Myles, English actress
March 18th, 1980 (March 18 1980)BirthSebastien Frey, French footballer
March 18th, 1980 (March 18 1980)DeathErich Fromm, German-born psychologist and philosopher (born in 1900)Erich Fromm Quotes
March 18th, 1979 (March 18 1979)BirthAdam Levine, American singer (Maroon 5)
March 18th, 1979 (March 18 1979)BirthBrandon Lee, American adult actor
March 18th, 1979 (March 18 1979)BirthDanneel Harris, American actress
March 18th, 1979 (March 18 1979)BirthDramane Coulibaly, Malian footballer
March 18th, 1979 (March 18 1979)BirthAnthony Maher, American soccer player
March 18th, 1978 (March 18 1978)BirthKhalilah Adams, American actress
March 18th, 1978 (March 18 1978)BirthYoshie Takeshita, Japanese volleyball player
March 18th, 1978 (March 18 1978)BirthJan Bulis, Czech ice hockey player
March 18th, 1978 (March 18 1978)BirthJonas Wallerstedt, Swedish footballer
March 18th, 1978 (March 18 1978)DeathLeigh Brackett, American author (born in 1915)
March 18th, 1978 (March 18 1978)DeathPeggy Wood, American actress (born in 1892)
March 18th, 1977 (March 18 1977)BirthDanny Murphy, English footballer
March 18th, 1977 (March 18 1977)BirthZdeno Chara, Slovak ice hockey player
March 18th, 1977 (March 18 1977)BirthDevin Lima, American singer
March 18th, 1977 (March 18 1977)BirthWilly Sagnol, French footballer
March 18th, 1977 (March 18 1977)BirthTerrmel Sledge, American baseball player
March 18th, 1977 (March 18 1977)BirthFernando Rodney, Dominican baseball player
March 18th, 1977 (March 18 1977)DeathMarien Ngouabi, President of the Republic of the Congo (born in 1938)
March 18th, 1977 (March 18 1977)DeathJose Carlos Pace, Brazilian racing driver (born in 1944)
March 18th, 1976 (March 18 1976)BirthJovan Kirovski, American soccer player
March 18th, 1976 (March 18 1976)BirthTomokazu Ohka, Japanese baseball player
March 18th, 1976 (March 18 1976)BirthScott Podsednik, American baseball player
March 18th, 1976 (March 18 1976)BirthMichael Spillane, American wrestler, better known as Mike Quackenbush
March 18th, 1976 (March 18 1976)BirthGiovanna Antonelli, Brazilian actress
March 18th, 1976 (March 18 1976)DeathGiuseppe Genco Russo, Sicilian mafioso (born in 1893)
March 18th, 1975 (March 18 1975)BirthBrian Griese, American football player
March 18th, 1975 (March 18 1975)BirthTomas Zvirgzdauskas, Lithuanian footballer
March 18th, 1975 (March 18 1975)BirthSutton Foster, American actress, singer, and dancer
March 18th, 1975 (March 18 1975)BirthRodleen Getsic, American musician, civil servant
March 18th, 1975 (March 18 1975)DeathAlain Grandbois, Quebec poet (born in 1900)
March 18th, 1974 (March 18 1974)EventOil embargo crisis: Most OPEC nations end a five-month oil embargo against the United States, Europe and Japan.
March 18th, 1974 (March 18 1974)BirthLaure Savasta, French basketball player
March 18th, 1973 (March 18 1973)BirthMax Barry, Australian author
March 18th, 1973 (March 18 1973)BirthLuci Christian, American voice actress
March 18th, 1973 (March 18 1973)DeathLauritz Melchior, Danish-born American opera singer (born in 1890)
March 18th, 1972 (March 18 1972)BirthDane Cook, American comedian and actor
March 18th, 1972 (March 18 1972)BirthAnja Mollenbeck, German discus thrower
March 18th, 1972 (March 18 1972)BirthNathan Quarry, American mixed martial arts fighter Martial Quotes
March 18th, 1971 (March 18 1971)EventA landslide at Chungar, Peru crashes into Lake Yanahuani killing 200.
March 18th, 1970 (March 18 1970)EventLon Nol ousts Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia.
March 18th, 1970 (March 18 1970)BirthQueen Latifah, American singer and actress Queen Latifah Quotes
March 18th, 1969 (March 18 1969)BirthVassily Ivanchuk, Ukrainian chess player
March 18th, 1969 (March 18 1969)BirthShaun Udal, English cricketer
March 18th, 1969 (March 18 1969)BirthAndy Cutting, English folk musician and composer
March 18th, 1969 (March 18 1969)DeathBarbara Bates, American film actress (born in 1925)
March 18th, 1968 (March 18 1968)EventGold standard: The U.S. Congress repeals the requirement for a gold reserve to back US currency.
March 18th, 1968 (March 18 1968)BirthShinichiro Miki, Japanese seiyu (voice actor)
March 18th, 1968 (March 18 1968)BirthEudes, duc d Angouleme, French prince
March 18th, 1968 (March 18 1968)BirthPaul Marsden, British politician
March 18th, 1967 (March 18 1967)EventThe Supertanker Torrey Canyon runs aground off the Cornish coast.
March 18th, 1967 (March 18 1967)BirthMiki Berenyi, English singer (Lush)
March 18th, 1967 (March 18 1967)BirthKen Edenfield, American basenall player
March 18th, 1966 (March 18 1966)BirthJerry Cantrell, American musician
March 18th, 1966 (March 18 1966)BirthDaniel S. Nevins, American rabbi
March 18th, 1965 (March 18 1965)EventCosmonaut Aleksei Leonov, leaving his spacecraft Voskhod 2 for 12 minutes, becomes the first person to walk in space.
March 18th, 1965 (March 18 1965)BirthYoriko Douguchi, Japanese actress
March 18th, 1965 (March 18 1965)BirthBirgit Clarius, German heptathlete
March 18th, 1965 (March 18 1965)DeathKing Farouk I of Egypt (born in 1920)
March 18th, 1964 (March 18 1964)BirthBonnie Blair, American speed skater
March 18th, 1964 (March 18 1964)BirthCourtney Pine, British jazz saxophonist
March 18th, 1964 (March 18 1964)BirthRozalla, Zambian singer
March 18th, 1964 (March 18 1964)BirthAlex Caffi, Italian racecar driver
March 18th, 1964 (March 18 1964)BirthPaul Elliott, English footballer
March 18th, 1964 (March 18 1964)DeathSigfrid Edstrom, Swedish sports official (born in 1870)
March 18th, 1963 (March 18 1963)BirthJeff LaBar, American guitarist
March 18th, 1963 (March 18 1963)BirthVanessa L. Williams, American beauty queen, actress, and singer
March 18th, 1963 (March 18 1963)BirthKeith Brown, English cricketer
March 18th, 1963 (March 18 1963)DeathWanda Hawley, American actress (born in 1895)
March 18th, 1962 (March 18 1962)EventThe Evian Accords put an end to the Algerian War of Independence, which began in 1954.
March 18th, 1962 (March 18 1962)BirthThomas Ian Griffith, American actor
March 18th, 1962 (March 18 1962)BirthJames McMurtry, American folk singer/songwriter
March 18th, 1962 (March 18 1962)BirthMike Rowe, American television personality
March 18th, 1962 (March 18 1962)BirthEtsushi Toyokawa, Japanese actor
March 18th, 1962 (March 18 1962)BirthBrian Fisher, American baseball player
March 18th, 1962 (March 18 1962)DeathWalter W. Bacon, Governor of Delaware (born in 1880)
March 18th, 1960 (March 18 1960)BirthRichard Biggs, American actor (died in 2004)
March 18th, 1960 (March 18 1960)BirthGuy Carbonneau, Canadian ice hockey player and manager
March 18th, 1960 (March 18 1960)BirthJames MacPherson, Scottish actor
March 18th, 1959 (March 18 1959)EventPresident Dwight D. Eisenhower signs a bill into law allowing for Hawaiian statehood, which would become official on August 21.Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes
March 18th, 1959 (March 18 1959)BirthLuc Besson, French producer, writer, and director
March 18th, 1959 (March 18 1959)BirthIrene Cara, American actress and singer
March 18th, 1957 (March 18 1957)BirthGyorgy Pazdera, Hungarian bassist (Pokolgep)
March 18th, 1957 (March 18 1957)BirthChrister Fuglesang, Swedish ESA astronaut
March 18th, 1956 (March 18 1956)BirthIngemar Stenmark, Swedish skier
March 18th, 1956 (March 18 1956)BirthDeborah Jeane Palfrey
March 18th, 1955 (March 18 1955)BirthFrancis G. Slay, Mayor of St. Louis, Mo.
March 18th, 1953 (March 18 1953)EventAn earthquake hits western Turkey, killing 250.
March 18th, 1952 (March 18 1952)BirthMike Webster, American football player (died in 2002)
March 18th, 1951 (March 18 1951)BirthBill Frisell, American jazz musician
March 18th, 1951 (March 18 1951)BirthBen Cohen, American co-founder of Ben & Jerry s ice cream
March 18th, 1950 (March 18 1950)BirthBrad Dourif, American actor
March 18th, 1950 (March 18 1950)BirthRichard Kretchmer, English artist and historian
March 18th, 1950 (March 18 1950)BirthRodney Milburn, American athlete (died in 1997)
March 18th, 1950 (March 18 1950)BirthEiji Okuda, Japanese actor and film director
March 18th, 1950 (March 18 1950)BirthLarry Perkins, Australian racing driver
March 18th, 1950 (March 18 1950)BirthJohn Hartman, American drummer (Doobie BrothersJohn Hart Quotes
March 18th, 1949 (March 18 1949)BirthAlex Higgins, Northern Irish snooker player
March 18th, 1949 (March 18 1949)BirthAse Kleveland, Norwegian singer and politician
March 18th, 1949 (March 18 1949)BirthHannu Siitonen, Finnish athlete
March 18th, 1948 (March 18 1948)EventSoviet consultants have left Yugoslavia in first sign of Tito-Stalin split.
March 18th, 1948 (March 18 1948)BirthGuy Lapointe, Canadian ice hockey player
March 18th, 1948 (March 18 1948)BirthLockwood Phillips, American radio host
March 18th, 1948 (March 18 1948)BirthBrian Lloyd, Welsh footballer
March 18th, 1947 (March 18 1947)BirthB.J. Wilson, English drummer (died in 1990)
March 18th, 1947 (March 18 1947)BirthPatrick Chesnais, French actor
March 18th, 1947 (March 18 1947)BirthPatrick Barlow, English actor, comedian and playwright
March 18th, 1947 (March 18 1947)BirthRoger Kenneth Evans, English politician Evans Quotes
March 18th, 1947 (March 18 1947)BirthHeather Ryan, American model and former Playmate of the Month
March 18th, 1947 (March 18 1947)DeathWilliam C. Durant, American automobile pioneer (born in 1861)
March 18th, 1946 (March 18 1946)EventDiplomatic relations between Switzerland and the Soviet Union are established.
March 18th, 1946 (March 18 1946)BirthMartyn Griffiths, British racing driver
March 18th, 1946 (March 18 1946)BirthMichel Leclere, French racing driver
March 18th, 1945 (March 18 1945)EventWorld War II: 1,250 American bombers attack Berlin.
March 18th, 1945 (March 18 1945)BirthJoy Fielding, Canadian novelist and actress
March 18th, 1945 (March 18 1945)BirthHiroh Kikai, Japanese photographer
March 18th, 1945 (March 18 1945)BirthMichael Reagan, American radio host and adopted son of Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan Quotes
March 18th, 1945 (March 18 1945)DeathWilliam Grover-Williams, British racing driver
March 18th, 1944 (March 18 1944)EventThe eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy kills 26 and causes thousands to flee their homes.
March 18th, 1944 (March 18 1944)BirthDick Smith, Australian Adventurer and Businessman
March 18th, 1944 (March 18 1944)BirthAmnon Lipkin-Shahak, Israeli military leader and politicianIsrael Shahak Quotes
March 18th, 1943 (March 18 1943)BirthKevin Dobson, American actor
March 18th, 1943 (March 18 1943)BirthToula Grivas, Greek actress
March 18th, 1941 (March 18 1941)BirthWilson Pickett, American singer (died in 2006)
March 18th, 1941 (March 18 1941)BirthJohn W. Derr, American politician
March 18th, 1941 (March 18 1941)DeathHenri Cornet, French cyclist (born in 1884)
March 18th, 1940 (March 18 1940)EventWorld War II: Axis PowersAdolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini meet at the Brenner Pass in the Alps and agree to form an alliance against France and the United Kingdom.Benito Mussolini Quotes
March 18th, 1939 (March 18 1939)BirthRon Atkinson, English former footballer and manager
March 18th, 1939 (March 18 1939)BirthGiannis Markopoulos, Greek composer
March 18th, 1939 (March 18 1939)BirthKenny Lynch, British entertainer
March 18th, 1939 (March 18 1939)DeathHenry Simpson Lunn, English humanitarian and religious leader (born in 1859)
March 18th, 1938 (March 18 1938)EventMexico nationalizes all foreign-owned oil properties within its borders.
March 18th, 1938 (March 18 1938)BirthCharley Pride, American musician
March 18th, 1938 (March 18 1938)BirthShashi Kapoor, Indian Actor
March 18th, 1938 (March 18 1938)BirthTimo Makinen, Finnish race car driver
March 18th, 1937 (March 18 1937)EventThe New London School explosion kills three hundred, mostly children.
March 18th, 1937 (March 18 1937)EventSpanish Civil War: Spanish Republican forces defeat the Italians at the Battle of Guadalajara.
March 18th, 1937 (March 18 1937)EventThe human-powered aircraft, Pedaliante, flies 1 kilometre (0.62 miles) outside Milan.
March 18th, 1937 (March 18 1937)BirthMark Donohue, American race car driver (died in 1975)
March 18th, 1937 (March 18 1937)BirthRudi Altig, German cyclist
March 18th, 1936 (March 18 1936)BirthFrederik Willem de Klerk, President of South Africa, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
March 18th, 1936 (March 18 1936)DeathEleftherios Venizelos, Former Prime minister of Greece
March 18th, 1935 (March 18 1935)BirthOle Barndorff-Nielsen, Danish mathematician
March 18th, 1934 (March 18 1934)BirthRoy Chapman, English footballer and manager (died in 1983)
March 18th, 1932 (March 18 1932)BirthJohn Updike, American authorJohn Updike Quotes
March 18th, 1931 (March 18 1931)BirthJohn Fraser, Scottish-born stage, film and television actorJohn Scott Quotes
March 18th, 1931 (March 18 1931)BirthJohn Mollo, British costume designer
March 18th, 1930 (March 18 1930)BirthPat Halcox, British musician
March 18th, 1929 (March 18 1929)BirthJohn Macurdy, American bass
March 18th, 1928 (March 18 1928)BirthJulia Mullock, Princess of Korea
March 18th, 1928 (March 18 1928)BirthMiguel Poblet, Spanish cyclist
March 18th, 1928 (March 18 1928)BirthFidel V. Ramos, President of the Philippines
March 18th, 1927 (March 18 1927)BirthJohn Kander, American songwriter
March 18th, 1927 (March 18 1927)BirthGeorge Plimpton, American writer and actor (died in 2003)
March 18th, 1926 (March 18 1926)BirthPeter Graves, American actor
March 18th, 1926 (March 18 1926)BirthDick Littlefield, American baseball player (died in 1997)
March 18th, 1925 (March 18 1925)EventThe Tri-State Tornado hits the Midwestern states of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, killing 695 people.
March 18th, 1923 (March 18 1923)BirthAndy Granatelli, American motorsports entrepreneur
March 18th, 1922 (March 18 1922)EventIn India, Mohandas Gandhi is sentenced to six years in prison for civil disobedience. He would serve only 2 years.
March 18th, 1922 (March 18 1922)EventThe first public celebration of Bat mitzvah, for the daughter of Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, is held in New York City.
March 18th, 1922 (March 18 1922)BirthEgon Bahr, German politician
March 18th, 1922 (March 18 1922)BirthFred Shuttlesworth, American civil rights movement leader
March 18th, 1921 (March 18 1921)EventThe second Peace of Riga between Poland and Soviet Union.
March 18th, 1920 (March 18 1920)BirthJack Warden, American actor (d.2006)
March 18th, 1919 (March 18 1919)BirthChristopher Challis, British cinematographer
March 18th, 1918 (March 18 1918)BirthAl Benton, American baseball player (died in 1968)
March 18th, 1918 (March 18 1918)BirthBob Broeg, American sports writer (died in 2005)
March 18th, 1917 (March 18 1917)BirthFrederika of Hanover, queen of the Hellenes (died in 1981)
March 18th, 1915 (March 18 1915)EventWorld War I: Massive naval attack in Battle of Gallipoli. Three battleships are sunk during a failed British and French naval attack on the Dardanelles.
March 18th, 1915 (March 18 1915)BirthRichard Condon, American novelist (died in 1996)
March 18th, 1913 (March 18 1913)EventKing George I of Greece is assassinated in the recently liberated city of Thessaloniki.
March 18th, 1913 (March 18 1913)BirthRene Clement, French film director and screenwriter (died in 1996)
March 18th, 1913 (March 18 1913)BirthWerner Molders, German WWII fighter pilot (died in 1941)
March 18th, 1913 (March 18 1913)BirthReinhard Hardegen, German U-Boat commander
March 18th, 1913 (March 18 1913)DeathKing George I of Greece (born in 1845)
March 18th, 1911 (March 18 1911)BirthSmiley Burnette, American singer and songwriter (died in 1967)
March 18th, 1910 (March 18 1910)BirthChiang Ching-kuo, President of the Republic of China (died in 1988)
March 18th, 1909 (March 18 1909)EventEinar Dessau uses a short-wave radio transmitter, becoming the first radio broadcaster.
March 18th, 1909 (March 18 1909)BirthErnest Gallo, American winemaker (died in 2007)
March 18th, 1907 (March 18 1907)BirthJohn Zachary Young, British biologist (died in 1997)
March 18th, 1907 (March 18 1907)DeathMarcellin Berthelot, French chemist and politician (born in 1827)
March 18th, 1906 (March 18 1906)EventTraian Vuia flies a self-propelled heavier-than-air aircraft.
March 18th, 1905 (March 18 1905)BirthRobert Donat, English actor (died in 1958)
March 18th, 1905 (March 18 1905)BirthThomas Townsend Brown, American scientist (died in 1985)
March 18th, 1904 (March 18 1904)BirthSrecko Kosovel, Slovenian poet (died in 1926)
March 18th, 1901 (March 18 1901)BirthWilliam H. Johnson, African-American artist of the Harlem Renaissance (died in 1970)
March 18th, 1898 (March 18 1898)BirthJake Swirbul, American aircraft manufacturer (died in 1960)
March 18th, 1898 (March 18 1898)DeathMatilda Joslyn Gage, American suffragist (born in 1826)
March 18th, 1893 (March 18 1893)EventFormer Governor General Lord Stanley pledges to donate a silver challenge cup, later named after him, as an award for the best hockey team in Canada; originally presented to amateur champions, the Stanley Cup has been awarded to the top pro team since 1910, and since 1926, only to National Hockey League teams.
March 18th, 1893 (March 18 1893)BirthCostante Girardengo, Italian cyclist (died in 1978)
March 18th, 1893 (March 18 1893)BirthWilfred Owen, British poet (died in 1918)
March 18th, 1893 (March 18 1893)BirthJean Goldkette, Greek-born jazz musician (died in 1962)
March 18th, 1886 (March 18 1886)BirthEdward Everett Horton, American actor (died in 1970)Edward Vere Quotes
March 18th, 1882 (March 18 1882)BirthGian Francesco Malipiero, Italian composer (died in 1973)
March 18th, 1877 (March 18 1877)BirthEdgar Cayce, American psychic (died in 1945)
March 18th, 1877 (March 18 1877)BirthClem Hill, Australian cricketer (died in 1945)
March 18th, 1874 (March 18 1874)EventHawaii signs a treaty with the United States granting exclusive trading rights.
March 18th, 1874 (March 18 1874)BirthNikolai Berdyaev, Russian philosopher (died in 1948) Philo Quotes
March 18th, 1872 (March 18 1872)BirthAnna Held, Polish actress and singer (died in 1918)
March 18th, 1871 (March 18 1871)EventDeclaration of the Paris Commune; President of the French Republic, Adolphe Thiers, orders evacuation of Paris.
March 18th, 1871 (March 18 1871)DeathAugustus De Morgan, Indian-born British mathematician and logician (born in 1806)
March 18th, 1869 (March 18 1869)BirthNeville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1940)
March 18th, 1865 (March 18 1865)EventAmerican Civil War: The Congress of the Confederate States of America adjourns for the last time.
March 18th, 1858 (March 18 1858)BirthRudolf Diesel, German inventor (died in 1913)
March 18th, 1850 (March 18 1850)EventAmerican Express is founded by Henry Wells and William Fargo.O. Henry Quotes
March 18th, 1848 (March 18 1848)BirthNathanael Herreshoff, American naval architect (died in 1938)
March 18th, 1848 (March 18 1848)BirthPrincess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, daughter of Queen Victoria (died in 1939)
March 18th, 1844 (March 18 1844)BirthNikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Russian composer (died in 1908)
March 18th, 1842 (March 18 1842)BirthStephane Mallarme, French poet (died in 1898)Stephane Mallarme Quotes
March 18th, 1840 (March 18 1840)BirthWilliam Cosmo Monkhouse, English poet and critic (died in 1901)
March 18th, 1837 (March 18 1837)BirthGrover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President of the United States (died in 1908)Grover Cleveland Quotes
March 18th, 1835 (March 18 1835)DeathChristian Gunther von Bernstorff, Danish-Prussian statesman and diplomat (born in 1769)
March 18th, 1834 (March 18 1834)EventSix farm labourers from Tolpuddle, Dorset, England are sentenced to be transported to Australia for forming a trade union.
March 18th, 1828 (March 18 1828)BirthWilliam Randal Cremer, English politician and pacifist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (died in 1908)
March 18th, 1823 (March 18 1823)BirthAntoine Eugene Alfred Chanzy, French general (died in 1883)
March 18th, 1823 (March 18 1823)DeathJean-Baptiste Breval, French composer (born in 1753)
March 18th, 1813 (March 18 1813)BirthChristian Friedrich Hebbel, German writer (died in 1864)
March 18th, 1793 (March 18 1793)EventThe first republican state in Germany, the Republic of Mainz, is declared by Andreas Joseph Hofmann.
March 18th, 1782 (March 18 1782)BirthJohn C. Calhoun, 7th Vice President of the United States (died in 1850)John C. Calhoun Quotes
March 18th, 1781 (March 18 1781)EventCharles Messier rediscovers global cluster M92
March 18th, 1781 (March 18 1781)DeathAnne Robert Turgot, French statesman (born in 1727)
March 18th, 1780 (March 18 1780)BirthMilos Obrenovic, Leader of The Second Serbian Uprising and Prince of Serbia (died in 1860)
March 18th, 1768 (March 18 1768)DeathLaurence Sterne, Irish writer (born in 1713)Laurence Sterne Quotes
March 18th, 1766 (March 18 1766)EventAmerican Revolution: The British Parliament repeals the Stamp Act, which had been very unpopular in the British colonies.
March 18th, 1746 (March 18 1746)DeathAnna Leopoldovna, regent of Russia (born in 1718)
March 18th, 1745 (March 18 1745)DeathSir Robert Walpole, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (born in 1676)
March 18th, 1701 (March 18 1701)BirthNiclas Sahlgren, Swedish merchant and philanthropist (died in 1776)
March 18th, 1696 (March 18 1696)DeathRobert Charnock, English conspirator
March 18th, 1690 (March 18 1690)BirthChristian Goldbach, Prussian mathematician (died in 1764)
March 18th, 1689 (March 18 1689)DeathJohn Dixwell, English judge (born in 1607)
March 18th, 1685 (March 18 1685)BirthRalph Ersine, Scottish minister (died in 1752)
March 18th, 1679 (March 18 1679)BirthMatthew Decker, English merchant and writer (died in 1759)
March 18th, 1675 (March 18 1675)DeathArthur Chichester, 1st Earl of Donegall, Irish soldier (born in 1606)
March 18th, 1673 (March 18 1673)EventJohn Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley of Stratton sells his part of New Jersey to the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as Quakers.
March 18th, 1657 (March 18 1657)BirthGiuseppe Ottavio Pitoni, Italian composer (died in 1743)
March 18th, 1640 (March 18 1640)BirthPhilippe de la Hire, French mathematician and astronomer (died in 1719)
March 18th, 1634 (March 18 1634)BirthMarie-Madeleine Pioche de la Vergne, comtesse de la Fayette, French writer (died in 1693)
March 18th, 1608 (March 18 1608)EventSusenyos is formally crowned Emperor of Ethiopia.
March 18th, 1603 (March 18 1603)BirthSimon Bradstreet, Massachusetts Bay colonist (died in 1693)
March 18th, 1602 (March 18 1602)BirthJacques de Billy, French mathematician (died in 1679)
March 18th, 1590 (March 18 1590)BirthManuel de Faria e Sousa, Portuguese historian and poet (died in 1649)
March 18th, 1584 (March 18 1584)DeathTsar Ivan IV of Russia (born in 1530)
March 18th, 1583 (March 18 1583)DeathKing Magnus of Livonia (born in 1540)
March 18th, 1555 (March 18 1555)BirthFrancois, Duke of Anjou (died in 1584)
March 18th, 1496 (March 18 1496)BirthMary Tudor, daughter of Henry VII of England and queen consort of Louis XII of France (died in 1533)
March 18th, 1438 (March 18 1438)EventAlbert II of Habsburg becomes King of Germany.
March 18th, 1395 (March 18 1395)BirthJohn Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter, English military leader (died in 1447)
March 18th, 1325 (March 18 1325)EventAccording to legend, Tenochtitlan is founded on this date. The event is depicted on the Mexican coat of arms.
March 18th, 1314 (March 18 1314)EventJacques de Molay, the 23rd and the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, is burned at the stake.Jacques de Molay Quotes
March 18th, 1314 (March 18 1314)DeathJacques DeMolay, Frankish noble, the 23rd Grand Master of the Knights Templar (b.1244)
March 18th, 1241 (March 18 1241)EventKrakow is ravaged by Mongols.
March 18th, 1229 (March 18 1229)EventFrederick II, Holy Roman Emperor declares himself King of Jerusalem during the Sixth Crusade.
March 18th, 1227 (March 18 1227)DeathPope Honorius III (born in 1148)
March 18th, 0978 (March 18 0978)DeathKing Edward the Martyr of England

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